My team

Since 4 years i have a cooperation with olympic base Südstadt, IMSB Austria and with my both trainers.

Our aims are, to win the vasarun in the next five years and to finish the Fis-Marathon-worldcup overall standings in the top 3.

My results of the last 4 years tell its own tale.

We are on the right way:



2005: 58.

2006: 48.

2007: 12.

2008: 10.



my two coaches:

Mag. Horschinegg   Mag. Bialowas
Chief coach   powertraining


service team

Patrick Steurer, Bernhard Mayr, Kuhn Matias, Keller Martin,
Puntel Ingrid, Köpfle Karl-Heinz, Ostheimer Thomas, Steurer Annelies